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Nothing will change without our decision


The economic and energy crisis is just beginning. To avoid out-of-control costs, we must have a plan. We want to address more proactively the current rise in energy prices and other running costs of the house. The passive approach of the current property manager (Altmann & Partner) was the impetus for approaching other property management companies in the Maria Alm region.

We want our apartment building to be a pleasant place for a great vacation with property management that works for the owners and is able to address and resolve important issues. We are aware that this change is not easy for some of us, but it is clear that without the change we cannot optimize costs or improve service in the house.


QUESTIONS ? Before making your decision,
ask the property manager directly or online.


In 2019 ( we called for more transparency and cost optimization, including better organization of owners' meetings, and we wanted a rational plan.  Accordingly, we have conducted an analysis that shows what will happen if we stay with Altmann & Partner. The analysis was made from all aspects, i.e. strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

Due to the fact, that the current property management company, Altmann & Partner, has failed to address the issues of cost savings, improved service, and transparent access to information in the long term, we have concluded that only a change of property manager can resolve these issues. We need to set up a partner model where the property manager works for us and in the interests of the owners.

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Based on the facts, there is an alternative in the field of property management, which means that any change will have no impact on the caretakers services in the house. 


Martin Schöffmann

Managing director

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

All your questions will be answered by the Managing Director, either in a personal meeting or by telephone or video conference, which will be held in German and English. Please do not hesitate to contact him directly or join online.



on Thursday from 18:00

the meeting will be held in German


on Friday from 17:00

the meeting will be held in English



Dear co-owners, we are aware that this change is not easy for some of us, but it is clear that without this change, it is not possible to optimize costs or improve services.

Since the current company Altmann & Partner has not been able to solve problems related to cost savings, service improvements and transparent access to information for a long time, we believe that these problems can only be solved by a change of property management company.

Download the form, fill in the details and tick your vote for (Yes) or against (No).

Scan the form or take a photo with your smartphone and send it to

This vote is only for a change of property management (Altamnn & Partner), not for the change of the house care (caretaker). The caretaker of the house (Walter and Margit Siberer) will be taken over by the new property management (Aris Immobilientreuhand).

For ongoing overview results, visit

Company presentation & Price offer
ARIS Immobilientreuhand

Company presentation focusing on our house



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Price offer
for our house 


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ARIS Immobilientreuhand GmbH has been focusing on optimizing the operating costs of apartment houses for a long time. It is a continuous process where savings are achieved through a combination of contractual terms, financial services and smart technologies for intelligent house management.


Communication and information sharing among owners is key to solving problems and facilitating the process of creating owner will.  Each project has documentation, an owner and quantified benefits of the implemented solution. Owners (if they want) have access to all informations related to the management of the house. The most important thing for ARIS Immobilientreuhand GmbH is communication and a systemic approach.

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