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Questions & Answers

We implement standard EU processes for voting!

Dear owners, co-owners,

Thanks for your feedback. For the purposes of this online voting, we have prepared the rules of procedure, which will serve to our online voting system and the result of the voting will send to the management agency as a will of the owners. 

The online voting offers a simplified administration associated with vote process. It saves time, does not discriminate owners on their voting rights, offers flexibility in solving problems, saves costs for each owner and eliminates manual data processing errors.

I believe that the goal of all owners and co-owners is for us to be able to communicate effectively with each other and decide on our co-ownership systemically, rationally in order to devote our time of rest and vacation in our apartment house.

The answers on your questions below are factual remarks and some of my personal opinion.

Jan Kucera (TOP13) 

I developed the online vote application for free, based on the wishes of the owners and the vote on February 28, 2021 ended with following result:
Snímek obrazovky 2021-03-16 v 9.36.18.p


Completing and signing the form is used only to identify the owner and familiar with the voting process using the online application.
list of owners who can vote you can find here
The form can be download here:
or you can sign via DocuSign (by email)
the vote rules you can find here
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