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Date: 20.9.2021




Fire doors - modification of the investment plan

Construction of fire doors protection base on the owners resolution from 4.9.2020

Dear co-owners,

on Friday we received a request from Altamann & Partner to pay a contribution to an investment project in connection with the construction of fire doors. The total amount of the investment is 84,585 EUR including VAT.

However, this requirement contradicts the approved resolution of the majority of owners in September 4, 2020, where the amounts offered for this investment were estimated between EUR 62,616 and EUR 68,400 including VAT. 

As it is an increase of up to EUR 21,969 (35%) on the originally approved price, the proposed increase is in contradiction to the current Community resolution and should be voted on if that increase is to take place.

Without a vote, Altamann & Partner's request for payment of this amount is unjustified, as this investment amount was not approved by the majority of the owners. 

If the increase is due to a design change and a change in production of five double-leaf fire elements, which allegedly requires the connection of a door closing success, this change must be re-approved by the community of owners to decide whether the change is advantageous.

In order to be able to vote in favor of such a change at all, we need relevant information, ie the indication of what the change should be and the reason for this change. Unfortunately, we have not received any such information and no decision has been made about the new level of investment.

According to the current legislation of the WEG 2002, this step is necessary because the most owners agreed on September 4th, 2020 to a maximum investment of up to 68,400 EUR gross.

In view of the above, we consider that the proposed change cannot be accepted without further ado and the community of owners needs to comment on it again, with the possibility of voting in the form of a circular resolution seeming to us to be more flexible, however if most owners do not agree with this form. , then it is necessary that this change of a major investment event is re - discussed at the meeting of owners, where the technical changes would be explained and it would be decided whether to accept these changes or stick to the original technical solution. If a change in the technical solution is then approved, then we should again approve the maximum amount of investment.


If a change in the technical solution is then approved, we should approve the maximum investment again. 


In the event that Altamann & Partner launches an investment project without the necessary consent of the majority of the owners, it has no legal title to do so and should do so only at its own expense.  In the attachment we are sending the maximum amounts that were approved at the owners' meeting in September 2020. We also asked Altmann & Partner to correct the invoice amounts.

Due to the fact that this is an investment that has not been approved by the majority of the owner, a means is needed to protect the owners and their property rights. It is in the interest of our community of owners to make decisions about our community with respect and respect for all owners who are part of our community. We believe that it is necessary to comply with the legal system and agreed obligations.

We open this discussion on the topic and look forward to any of your topics


Sincerely your co-owners.

Dr. Radek Mach, Gernot Käfer, Ricky Ware, Milan Pytlík, Jan Kučera, Jan Macháček, Miroslav Karpíšek and others which agrees...

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