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Before the actual voting, it's important to fill in the voter's representative (Voter's name) and assign your apartment or proxy apartment (select Apartment). This process sets the correct number of voting shares for the voting purposes. Once you select the apartment(s) you represent, your voting share will be displayed, and you will be ready to vote.


The total share of votes allocated to each voter is displayed. If you are voting through a representative, a written power of attorney is required, which must be submitted to the property management before the actual voting.


Voter's name:


WEG Share RV :

Apartment(s) #:


WEG Share % :

Error message
Error message

Instructions on how to vote


  1. Before voting, you must set up your voting shares, including proxy voting, in the "Share and Proxy Settings" section.

  2. In addition to your apartment and associated shareholding, set the apartment you are voting for. If you are representing another owner's share, set that up here.

  3. You must submit a valid power of attorney to the property management when making a proxy.

  4. The application automatically calculates your voting share.

  5. It is important to fill in the name of the apartment owner or the name of the person authorized to vote in the "Voter's name" field or select your name from the menu. Completion is mandatory!

  6. If the information is not filled in (Apartment and Voter's name), you cannot vote


  1. Once you have set your vote shares, you can vote on the question that is displayed in the "Vote Question" section.

  2. First, check that you have set up your vote share correctly and that your name or proxy's name is filled in.

  3. If the share is not set or the voting proxy is not filled in, you cannot vote and an error message will be displayed.

  4. The voting question is changed by the property management.

  5. Once the property management notifies you that the ballot question is ready to vote, you can change the question by simply clicking the "Change Question" button.

  6.  After selecting "Yes", "No" or "Abstain", you can vote.

  7. Once you confirm the "VOTE" button, you cannot change your vote.


  1. On the "Result" page, you will find information about who voted.

  2. The calculation is automatic and you can keep track of the results by clicking on the "Refresh Result" button.

  3. You can filter the results by the voting question selected from the "Filter by question" menu.

  4. Immediately after the voting is over, you can see whether the proposal was accepted or not.

This app is designed to be simple and intuitive. It was created in collaboration with the property management to facilitate the voting process and provide a transparent overview of the results and voting topics. We hope it will make the voting process easier and more transparent, and we are prepared to improve the app if necessary based on your feedback.

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